About Us
Jim Riddle is a very part-time TV repairman.  His full-time job is Electrical Engineer for a large Engineering/Consulting firm in Overland Park, KS

The concept for RiddledTV all started back in 2002 when Jim Riddle was offerred a free (dead) 36" TV.  He hauled the TV home and opened it up just like many other brave souls have done before.  Armed with a multi-meter and (poor) soldering skills, he proceeded to do what most consumers do when they "fix" their own electronics…  He damaged the TV even worse. 

But after many many wasted hours and $65 in parts later, he had fixed-it-himself, and it felt great…  A really nice TV for $65.

How did he fix it?  Simply put: The internet.  A wealth of information is available if a person only knows where to look or who to ask. 

It's been many years since repairing that first TV, and we've rescued and repaired countless TVs since then.  Most of these TVs would have gone in the landfill if we hadn't rescued them. 

So the idea came about  to create RiddledTV.com for 2 reasons:

        1. To freely share the information that others have so generously shared with us.
        2. To gain some experience in website creation.  

We've put a lot of effort into creating this site.  So thanks for taking to time to visit us.

If you have any suggestions on how RiddledTV.com can improve, or if you'd just like to say thanks, feel free to drop us an email or post a comment in the forums.