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32" Acer powers up, won't turn on.    
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 16, 2008 6:36 pm    Post subject: 32" Acer powers up, won't turn on. Reply with quote

I have an Acer AT3201W that I purchased in November of '05. The issue is that it will power up, meaning it goes in to standby mode and the LED is amber, but it won't actually turn on.

It progressively got worse. For a while I just had to turn the power off completely, turn it back on then hit the power button. It started getting worse, I would have to flick the rocker switch back and forth 10 times before it would finally turn on. I would keep it on for weeks in a row because I was scared it wouldn't turn on at all next time, and that's exactly what happened. It's dead. Powers up, but no matter how much I cut the power or toggle the rocker switch, it won't turn on.

I haven't been able to find much about this TV. Someone posted the same question about a similar model having the same problem on another website. This was the only answer given:

"more than likley , you have filters in the power supply that are not filtering properly. look for filters that look like thier tops are popping off,"

I don't really know what that means, or if it's something I can fix myself. I've most of the TV taken apart. I looked at the power supply and it doesn't look like anything is loose. I tested the only fuse in there for continuity and it's fine.

Another thing I think it could be, is the PCB with the buttons and IR receiver, because although the remote functions fine, the TV has never been very responsive. It works but I usually had to mash the buttons or hold them down for the thing to do what the remote was telling it to do.

There have been two other issues in the past. First, and this started about two months after buying the set (I think it may have been a floor model though), the colour of the picture would change. Almost like the colours had been inverted, but the colours on screen were mostly very bright hues of pink, green and blue. The set was hooked up to a Bell Expressvu 9200 receiver with an HDMI (receiver) to DVI (tv set) cable. To remedy the issue, I had to unplug the cable from the set, cut the power, then turn it back on. This only happened maybe 5 times of the 2 year life span of the set.

The last issue is that even though it's an LCD, it seems to have suffered from burn in. From the centre of the screen, the picture progressively got darker, in a sort of cloudy looking pattern. The darkening stopped RIGHT at the edge of the 4x3 portion of the screen. Hard to describe. This is another problem that progressively got worse.

I'm not sure of any other information that would be needed to help remedy this. I really hope someone can help, I don't want to waste money getting this thing repaired, and I don't really have the money to drop on a whole new set.

I'm going to be sitting at the computer most of the night, so if anyone needs more information, I'll probably reply within about 2 minutes.

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