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JVC HD-55G466 Shuts down after a few minutes    
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PostPosted: Sun May 19, 2013 7:03 pm    Post subject: JVC HD-55G466 Shuts down after a few minutes Reply with quote

JVC 55" Rear Projection HDTV
Model HD-55G466
8 years old

I originally purchased this unit back in 2005. It's gone thru several (5-6) lamps as it has gotten heavy use over the years. It has been a solid performer, even out lasting 2 different UPS installed after the 1st bulb failed at 9 months (JVC sent me a replacement free but mentioned the unit should be on a UPS for cool down purposes). Last week it began shutting off intermittently with simultaneous Lamp & Power LEDs blinking after the shutoff. At this point it is no longer intermittent, it is shutting off anywhere from 1-5 minutes after the video comes on. While the video is visible the pictures seems fine, then it begins to twinkle or flicker and shuts off. I have a spare bulb so I installed it but the symptom did not change.

I opened up the back and pulled the electronics out (just slides right out). It was very dusty so I used a can of air, a vacuum, and a small paint brush to clean it up. After this I took 2 of the fans out and cleaned them up. I reseated and cleaned all the connectors I could easily get to. I tested the Lamp door switch w/ a meter. Then I slowly inspected the power supply, fan control board, and ballast for damaged components. I paid special attention to the ballast as based on the blink code & symptoms, the service manual excerpts I found online seem to indicate the ballast as the likely culprit. I didn't find any components that looked visibly bad...none of the caps were ruptured, swollen, or discolored. None of the solder runs or pads looked bad...but then CTE failures are rarely visible w/ the n a k e d eye.

I had a hard time finding a ballast, so I ended up ordering one from JVC...while their price was a little high they had 1 in stock and at least they don't screw you on shipping, as FEDEX 2nd day was only $10.

I will follow up after I try the new ballast. If anyone has any other suggestions regarding this issue I would appreciate it.

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