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LCD toshiba 32wl68p - hard to turn on    
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 2:32 am    Post subject: LCD toshiba 32wl68p - hard to turn on Reply with quote

I have a Toshiba Regza 32WL68PG, made in UK, 2007.
The problem:
1. being in stand-by, when I want to turn it on, I have to press many times the push buton on the panel (or the remote), around 10 to 20 minutes. Then it starts.
2. when it's on, it works perfectly, accepts all commands from remote or push butons, audio and video are OK.
3. after turning it off, if I want to turn it on immediately, it WORKS! But if I stay longer, a minute or so, it won't work anymore, I have to go to number 1.
Listening to some guru advices, I changed all capacitors in main converters providing main voltages: 5V for stand-by processor, 5V for the rest of processors, 12V, 24V, etc. Well, no result.
I confess that 90% of the advices where: change the caps!!! WRONG, I can say now.
I changed no capacitor in the 3,3V and 2,5V supplies for the main processor, a FLI8668. They're all SMD, and there are a lot of regulators.
I have some circuit diagrams (not all) and I can tell you:
the stand-by proc, TMP86FS49AUG, to turn on the TV, gives 3 commands, in this very order:
1. POWER_TV, 0 to 4,8V, starts 3 regulators, providing 5V to FLI8668 and other ICs.
2. POWER_DB, 0 to 4,8V, starts 2 regulators, providing 9V and 32V.
3. POWER_SIG, 0 to 4,8V, starts the main converter, providing 24V audio and 24V for the LCD panel.
The stand-by proc is allways on 5V, from a SUB-Power converter.
Well, in the first 10-20 min, when the tv doesn't turn on, the stand-by proc generates only the POWER_TV command, the other 2 are 0 logic. The POWER_TV stays 4,8V, but sometimes goes to 0V for 2-4 seconds, as if the the stand-by proc wants to re-start, and then goes again to 4,8V. After those 10-20 min I told you, it goes down and stays about 5-10 seconds and after that the stand-by proc finally generates all the 3 commands and the TV turns on.
This is all I could discover. I have no connexion diagrams between the processors.
Has anyone met a similar problem?
Sorry for the long post and for my english language.

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