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Mitsubishi TV Model# CS-32307 Color Adjustment Needed    
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 24, 2009 5:25 pm    Post subject: Mitsubishi TV Model# CS-32307 Color Adjustment Needed Reply with quote

Mitsubishi 32" TV
Model CS-32307 (mfg'd. 1997 appx.)
Color Picture Tube Type #A80LJF30X03
32" Color TV (CRT)

Hi everyone! I'm a brand new member. As photo shows, color is all askew. Tried adjusting "rings" or "bands" at end of tube. They are like rings with prongs sticking up, using prongs to turn each ring, but this doesn't affect color display. The "user" color adjustments do change red to green, etc., but don't solve the dislpay problem.

I just got this for free from a guy who said he DID successfully adjust it this way long ago, but that he's no longer interested in dealing with it. I'm a total amateur, trying to "tinker and hack" my way through this. I KNOW I can fix it... a little help please? Please use VERY simple terminology. Again, I have no electric or TV experience.
Any help at all is appreciated! Thanks!


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Jesse Mack

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 25, 2009 9:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is going to sound strange. Find yourself a gun type of soldering iron that you pull a trigger to get it to heat up. Bend the tip to one side at right angles. Lay the soldering Iron against the CRT (Picture tube) front (with the set on) and turn on the Soldering Iron. You will see a severe distortion on the picture. Move the soldering iron in a circle working your way out to the edge of the screen. Then, Without turning the iron off, move the iron at least 3 feet away from the tv set and then turn the iron off. You have just manually degaused your tv set.

This is just the priliminary. If your multi color effect has changed significantly, you can adjust the purity rings to get a solid picture.
It is important that the picture be only one color. It looks like the primary color you were supposed to have was light blue. However this is a difficult color to work with.

Tell me:
1: Do you have a video camera that has the ability to play back in composite?? I mean, do you have a YELLOW video output terminal on the camera?
2: Do you have a VCR?
3: Do you have a DVD that has the ability to record?

You can also visit your local radio Shack and see if they have a Video tape with test patterns on it?

Your problem is one of purity. It looks like, from your picture's, that your yoke may have slipped. But first things first.

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