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Panasonic Viera 50PX60U shuts down 12 blinking lights    
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 03, 2010 12:05 am    Post subject: Panasonic Viera 50PX60U shuts down 12 blinking lights Reply with quote

alright, I really need some expert advice. I have a Panasonic Viera 50PX60U Plasma TV that shuts down at random and gives the error code of 12 blinking lights.
I have the Service Manual and it says it's the PA Board that's bad. I've replaced the board, but that didn't resolve the problem.
Here are some things I've tried:
Connected device using the RCA inputs, component, and HDMI. It seems to shut down at random and gives the 12 lights.
The TV works fine if I don't have anything plugged in except for the cable feed in meaning I can watch cable TV all day long. It's like when it switches to other Inputs, it'll work for a bit and then crash out with the 12 lights. Once it crashes out, you have to unplug it or hold down the power button to reset, but if you turn it back on, it usually immediately shuts back down and gives you the 12 blinking light error code.
From looking at the service manual the H Board has the component and RCA inputs, but there's a DG Board that handles the HDMI? That's how I'm reading it. I've checked the fans - all working, looked at all the capacitors that I can find and have verified that they are in good shape.
The manual doesn't state/explain what functions these boards actually perform so I have no idea what they actually do.
If anybody out there have had this problem or a simlar problem, any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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