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Philips 28HT5405/01Z CRT how to access Service Menu    
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 10, 2014 4:36 am    Post subject: Philips 28HT5405/01Z CRT how to access Service Menu Reply with quote


anyone know to open up the service menu on a Philips 28HT5405/01Z (which is still in hotel mode by the way) ? I have already tried all of the procedures in here with no results


and Ive also tried:

- hitting " 319753 mute " on the remote will open the basic menu

- on channel 38 holding " vol+ and vol-" for 3 seconds or "channel+ and vol-" for 3 seconds does not disable hotel mode

anyone ? thanks

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 10, 2014 9:04 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

When the set is in the High Security Mode, the Setup
menu can be accessed only by a T374AH
Institutional Set-up Remote Control (RG4172BK).
When the set is in the Standard Security Mode the
Set-up Menu may be accessed with a guest remote
control (like the RC2882) by a sequence of commands.

5.2.1 Service Default Alignment Mode (SDAM)
• To change option settings.
• To create a predefined setting to get the same
measurement results as given in this manual.
• To display / clear the error code buffer when leaving SDAM
with “standby” key on remote control.
• To override SW protections.
• To perform alignments.
• To start the blinking LED procedure.
• Tuning frequency:
– 475.25 MHz
• Colour system:
• All picture settings at 50 % (brightness, colour contrast,
• Bass, treble and balance at 50 %; volume at 25 %.
• All service-unfriendly modes (if present) are disabled, like:
– (sleep) timer,
– child/parental lock,
– blue mute,
– hotel/hospitality mode
– auto switch-off (when no IDENT video signal is
received for 15 minutes),
– skip / blank of non-favourite presets / channels,
– auto store of personal presets,
– auto user menu time-out.
• Operation hours counter.
• Software version.
• Option settings.
• Error buffer reading and erasing.
• Software alignments.
How to Enter SDAM
Use one of the following methods:
• Use a System 7 remote control type T374AH (RCtransmitter
RG4172BK) and key in the code ‘062596’
directly followed by the ‘M’ (menu) button or
• Short circuit jumper wires 9252 and 9275 on the mono
carrier (see Fig. 8-1) and apply Mains. Then press the
power button (remove the short circuit after start-up).
Caution: Entering SDAM by short circuiting wires 9252 and
9275 will override the +5V-protection. Do this only for a short
period. When doing this, the service-technician must know
exactly what he is doing, as it could lead to damaging the set.
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