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Phillips plasma 42PF7321D/37 will not power on.    
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 18, 2012 10:26 pm    Post subject: Phillips plasma 42PF7321D/37 will not power on. Reply with quote

If this has been beaten to death, I apologize, a search of the forums did not show me anything relevant, so here goes:
I am working on Phillips 42PF7321D/37 plasma. TV turns on, sound is there, no picture. Before, the green LED would flash some code, 1 long blink, 4 short blinks continuously. I ran a software update blindly from a USB stick, something seems to have changed as the blinking sequence has gone away, it just stays solid green. When the TV turns on, I hear a relay click, then click again after a second. I did a visual inspection on the boards looking for obvious signs of shorts and caps bulging and found a blown up capacitor on what I believe is the Y-sus board. Replaced it with one of the same value, seems to have done nothing, same behavior. The LED on the power supply board stays lit. Two LEDs inside the small switching box are also lit and visible through the holes. I have done some research and hear a lot of talk about the C8059 & c8060 capacitors on the PSU board. I found C8060, for the life of me cannot find C8059. Should I replace them even though they show no signs of damage? Where do I go from here?

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 22, 2012 4:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

First off, it never hurts to replace capacitors that 'look' okay. They can blow without any signs of failure.
Second, what I would do first and foremost, is check the voltages. Using a multimeter, find the test points on the power supply, Y-board, and X-board. Look at the back of the panel itself -- it should have a sticker with the proper voltages listed. There will also typically be some additional test points on the Y & X boards that will have their correct voltages printed beside them.
Problems of this nature are typically Y- or X-Boards. After testing the voltages, power off the TV and disconnect the X-board. Power the TV back on, and test the that weren't right the first time. If they are where they need to be now, you know you have a bad X-board. If they are still too low, reconnect the X-board, and disconnect the Y-board. If the voltages still aren't right, disconnect everything but the mainboard. If they still aren't right, it's probably the power supply.
Test them all and let us know how they compare with the printed voltages.
Also, a word of warning -- Plasmas operate at very high voltages. Be VERY careful not to touch ANYTHING other than the test points, and only do it with a multimeter. Ground the negative side of the miltimeter to the frame of the TV, and use the meter in 'DC' mode. Plasmas should only be operated in the upright position, so make sure you have it standing up properly in it's stand before turning it on to check the voltages.
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