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Polaroid TLA-04641C frozen, ghosting, fuzzy picture.    
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 20, 2013 11:49 am    Post subject: Polaroid TLA-04641C frozen, ghosting, fuzzy picture. Reply with quote

I was given a Polaroid TLA-04641C.
The symptoms it's having is the picture is often ghosting (blurred) or parts of it frozen, or distorted. After having it awhile, I found that if I tap on certain areas of the back I can get the picture to clear up and it will work usually until I turn it off.

I have opened up the back, and with it on I tried tapping the ribbon cables that go from the T-con to the LCD and didn't see any change in the picture. But if I press on the T-Con board, it does effect the picture (sometimes it fixes it, or other times makes it worse). Just to be sure it's not the ribbon cable, I unhooked and reconnected it at the T-Con. This didn't seem to make any difference

The only place I can't get to is, where the ribbon cable connects to the actual LCD. Looks like I have to do a total disassemble to get to that. But since tapping the ribbon cables didn't seem to do anything, I don't think it's that. Your thoughts? Do you think it's safe to assume that it's the T-Con board since pressing there seems to affect the picture?


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