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RCA 27" Horizontally Outstretched    
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 1:37 am    Post subject: RCA 27" Horizontally Outstretched Reply with quote

New Member here, and I'm only here to post this problem in hopes of someone finding a solution to it.

This is a problem I've been having for 2 1/2 months now, and I'm beginning to grow frustrated with it. I have a RCA 27" Entertainment Series X-Box Ready VPort Model F27650 TV.

I've gotten this TV for free at a yard sale, the owners have told me the TV just became a widescreen one day. The picture has stretched out horizontally beyond it's screen limit. I've researched for over a month off and on about solutions to getting the TV back to just Full Screen. The remote to it is long lost, so I have a universal remote for it.

What I've Tried:

I've gone as far as I can. One solution has told me I should get into it's Service Mode, which I did by holding Menu, pressing the Volume button and the Power button. I've gone through all the P menus, there is no way to adjust the horizontal TV, P15 is an option that just shifts the screen left and right.

Next solution I've tried was that I was told that I had to open the TV up and adjust it's yoke. Problem is, I don't know what the TV's yoke looks like, I know what a TV Yoke looks like, but not with this one. I've just turned what was turnable which wasn't much in there to turn, only a strap and that was it. Fortunately, I did something to it, because the picture just shrank a little, but not as much, in horizontal view.

I refuse to proceed further until I have the right instructions, that is about as far as I've gotten with it and I'm beginning to give up. I'd hate to throw this TV away for free or so because it has great sound, and it's the only big TV I've got. I know there must be a solution out there, it's just nobody is giving me a clear and straight answer about it. So, please help me.

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Jesse Mack

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 6:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Heres a clear straight answer:

Is there 1.4 Vpp E/W Drive signal at pin 2 of BV801? Y N
no = check pin 29 if IV01 and eeprom settings
yes = Is there 26VDC at pin 8 of IL81?
no = RL82 and SL83 or suspect IL81
yes = is there 4.3 VDC at pin 6 of IL81
no = check RL71, RL83 and RL86
yes = is there 17VDC at the emitter of TL82
no = check RL70, DL08 and CL21
yes = Take the set to a qualified shop

Hope this helps

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