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RCA D52w23 Chassis ICT222 Problem with Green CRT ( No green    
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:12 pm    Post subject: RCA D52w23 Chassis ICT222 Problem with Green CRT ( No green Reply with quote

RCA D52w23 Chassis ICT222 Problem with Green CRT Not Bright ( No green cross when doing convergence)


Hope someone can help me troubleshoot and repair my TV.
First a little info, I had the common problem with no convergence menu and picture was all bent and 3d image
I checked and found the fuse f231 blown
replaced fuse and re-soldered hv transformer. Turned on tv and converg.menu was there . adjusted converg. and hooked up dvd player and picture like new. I watched movie for two hrs and then shut down for the day. The next time I turned it on ...2 weeks later the color seamed really red. I went to convergence to recheck and when it says to move blue cross to overlap green cross ,there is no green cross and same when I set the red.there is no green cross, also auto convergence wont do its thing, it did the other week
removed front screen and looked at lights and red and blue are always bright with picture output
the green center bulb is dim and brightens up some when some images are projected, but not bright enough to project on screen like the blue and red
when doing the converg adj the green light is out and only blue and red projecting.
I resoldered the (flyback) transformer, still same. When playing a movie I see the images moving around in the green lens but it is not shining bright to project on screen. I was able to play with the color and tint and turn them way up and got some green to show on a still image that I had put on the screen with notebook connected. so the green bulb lights up somewhat . or does it really, but I know its not right.If I can figure out why the green goes out when doing convergence . I dont know what it looks like if a crt tube is going bad .so dont know where to start, how to test. wanted to swap crt boards , but they look a litle different, want to know how to test tube and board

Thanks Rob,

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Joined: 26 Jul 2010
Posts: 3
Location: va

PostPosted: Tue Jul 27, 2010 7:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I dont want to spend Big dollars on this thing. It was given to me and after research made the 10.00 repair on flyback and fuse.I did some more research and decided to unhook the red board and let it hang clear and move the center green to where the red was and put blue in the center and left nothing on the old blue tube. fired it up and the green board thats on the blue tube did nothing and the center that was the green and now has the blue board came on bright . so dosnt that make the green tube good and problem is the green crt drive board and back. though I would spend the 25.00 on a green board. if that didnt fix it then im done unless there is something else cheep or free to check. im searching for a board if anyone see's one cheep, Im sure I can sell the parts inside for 35.00. I guess I jinxed myself by getting excited after the fuse fix . Dosn't it look like problem followed green board.
remember it was working fine for two hrs and not the next time I turned it on .

thanks for more input,
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