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Samsung HL-S6767W - won't stay on... at first    
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 17, 2016 8:14 am    Post subject: Samsung HL-S6767W - won't stay on... at first Reply with quote

My Samsung HL-S6767W DLP TV shuts off until warmed up. The first time you turn it on, it stays on for 5-10 minutes, then shuts down with three lights blinking on power button. You can hear the color wheel spooling down and usually before it shuts down, you hear a faint buzz, pause, then buzz again. Each time you turn the TV on after the initial one, it shuts off a lot quicker, usually less than 1 minute. Eventually, it will stay on all day with no issues. This problem started a couple months ago and has slowly gotten worse. At first, it would only need to be restarted a couple times, then it was fine. Now, it could be 3 times, or 15 times! Here is what Ive done: 1 I checked the little blue switch (bypassed) no difference. 2 I bypassed a thermal sensor for the LAMP no difference. 3 I changed the LAMP no difference. 4 I had a home service tech come out, he checked the color wheel, said it seemed fine, then noticed a blown capacitor on the ballast. He changed the ballast and it didnt make a difference. He mentioned DMD board or power-supply. I will say, the ballast did have a capacitor that looked blown (rounded top). He really thought that would fix it, but didnt. One other thing I want to share, there are times when we are unsuccessful at getting it to stay on. It will try to come on, the recycle itself over and over until it eventually gives up (3 lights blinking). I think this is when we try to turn it on after it has been shut off for a while, but not long enough to cool completely down. As you can see, Im getting to the point where Im over-analyzing things. Ill buy a new TV if I have to, but this TV still looks great and operates great once you get it on. Very frustrating!

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