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Samsung HLN617W DLP    
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 23, 2011 11:51 am    Post subject: Samsung HLN617W DLP Reply with quote

I have a Samsung HLN617W DLP set I purchased in 2003. I have had to replace the bulb a couple of times (the last time a couple of years ago), a simple process I did myself. I also had the color wheel replaced by a local TV tech about 4 years ago.
Last week while the TV was on I hear a loud pop that sounded like maybe a bulb had blown. At first I was thinking it was the bulb, but I still have a clear picture, but only in black and white. On black and white programming the picture is perfect. On color programs however, you can see a little flickering around the images.
I was wondering if it was the color wheel, but I thought that those wear out gradually. I'm sure its not the bulb because when they go out you don't really have any picture. I talked by phone to a local tv tech who said that sometimes the wheel can go and you will have something pop like I heard.
I was wondering if the is probably the case, the the color wheel popped??
And of course, I'm wondering what other possibilities the problem could be. With the age of the set, and the low cost of new HD and plasma sets, I wouldn't want to put a great deal of money into this set.
If it is the color wheel, I was wondering if this is a project I could do myself. How much wd the part cost wholesale on line, and how long would it take me to replace it??
Thank you

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