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Samsung HP-R4252 Have Sound No Picture    
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 29, 2010 5:35 pm    Post subject: Samsung HP-R4252 Have Sound No Picture Reply with quote

It's all black except for a small flashing red pixel blob.
Pressing source changes source, but not picture (still flashing blob).
ex. Can hear the cable TV but cant see it.

Problem(s) started as a black bar (no picture/backlight) on the left side, as if 4:3 mode on one side.
I slapped the back of the TV on that side (yea I know, stupid me. CRT-era-fix) hoping it would fix, but made picture go away and just flash a red pixelated blob.

Flashing corresponds with a faint electrical buzzing (like when changing source?) on the back, it sounds like it's coming from the Y-Sustain (?) board (pictured below). Real faint, but the only noise/action i was hearing (I had all sources unplugged for silence).

-Opened back. No blown caps (none visibly domed).
-Tested all glass snap-in fuses. All ok.
-Tested all (I think all) small green pico fuses. All (i think all) tested ok
-replaced "TCon board" per Google-ing (I believed it to be the TCon board), PCB No. LJ41-03387A says MODEL NO: 42HD S4.0 LOGIC MAIN (pictured below). No change.

I am stumped. Did I replace the wrong board? Is there a fuse I may have missed? Any direction/input/help?

I would post a pic of the blob, but I wanted to leave the TV off to keep it discharged to work on it. I found a YouTube video that was the closest to duplicating the problem, but no there was no fix posted (I even emailed the guy and never heard back).

YouTube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSgXrgEt2Mc

Thank you!

TCon/Login Main - board replaced

Y-Sustain board

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