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Samsung TV 50" HPS5053 - Closed Caption Issues    
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:30 pm    Post subject: Samsung TV 50" HPS5053 - Closed Caption Issues Reply with quote

I have a Samsung plasma TV HP5053 that has caption issues. The picture is good and clear and the caption comes out readable and in a timely fashion. The problem is the caption will just stop all of a sudden or freeze. Picture and sound maintains acceptable quality but the caption just stops. Then about 2 minutes later the caption will pick up in time with the program and continue on. It does this intermittently and sometimes the caption does not recover and I'll have to change channels to get it started again.

My cable service provider is Mediacom. I also have a projection and LCD in other rooms that do not have this problem. So, seems to be pointing to the TV since I just bought it 3 weeks ago from a friend. TV is out of warranty and is 2 years old, so I have no warranty to defer to. So, I called Samsung. They put on a service call from a local TV repair store. They just called me this morning and I explained the problem. They said if the other TVs work fine and I just obtained this TV, it's highly likely the TV has a problem itself. He immediately said he would need to replace the "main module" as he describes it.

I have basic electronics experience but zero experience with TV electronics. I used to be a maintenance technician for PLCs, eproms, etc for a manufacturing company, so I have a good understanding with firmware installation. I dont want to dig into something that's over my head but I dont want to pay $300-500 for something that's just a simple board change.

I just want to get a general understanding of this module, understand where it's located and how difficult it is to swap out. If it's just too ridiculous to get into, I'll just take it in. But would like to make an honest attempt first.

This is the module I found online. Not sure if it's the "main module" as the technician says. Would this board be responsible for outputting the closed captioning? Would it be a highly susceptable issue with this particular TV? My biggest question: how difficult would it be to swap this board out? Is it easily accessible from the back panel?

Thanks for any and all input. I hope I can put this to bed without losing half the price I paid for the darn thing. Any help would be appreciated.


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