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SAMSUNG UA50JS7200K - Video goes out while sound remains    
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PostPosted: Wed May 25, 2016 5:45 am    Post subject: SAMSUNG UA50JS7200K - Video goes out while sound remains Reply with quote


Here is a link to the TV page by Samsung:

This is a 50" SUHD TV from the 2015 lineup.
This might get complicated but please bear with me here.

I purchased this TV 2 months ago. Now while I reside in the States, I purchased this TV from UAE and have taken it to another country where I have a second appartment and I visit once in a while. The problem is the warranty offered to UAE products wont work in the country I took the TV to. And although they have SAMSUNG TVs there, they are sold under different model numbers and serviced by third-party warranty-companies who refused to fix my TV. Other technicians refused to touch my TV for being brand new saying they might not find the parts for it there. This is why Im desperate to find some answers here

The Issue:
After a a month or 2 of use, while watching we noticed the video goes out while sound still there. I will press almost all the buttons and Nothing. Theres a bit of light seen on the screen but still black. The video comes back on after 1 to 10 min while the sound remains working unless I turn the TV off. Turning it back on doesnt make a difference auntil it decides to start working again. Works fine for the rest of the day. This happened every few days in the past 3 weeks. Now, when the TV is turned on (again, works just fine until The video goes out temporary), the red remote light on the TV blinks 5 times.

What I tried:
-I did use a flash light on the screen to make sure the problem is not from the back light, that wasn't the issue.
-I used a different HDMI port and still the problem continued to exist.
-I replaced HDMI cables.
-I reset the TV using both the regular interface and the menu presented using the service code. I found them to be the same. Not sure if I did a hard reset if theres such thing in these Samsung TVs.

When we first bought the TV I did purchase a cheap third-party warranty. When the issue continued to exist, They asked me to take the TV in and I did. After a few days I got the TV back TODAY and we're yet to test it out to see if the issue persists. They said they have repaired the Main Board and the problem is gone. BUT, the red light still blinks and its just OK and I can ignore it.

Now the Questions:
-What do you think the problem is or hopefully was?
-What does 5 blinking red light mean here? If its still blinking does it mean the TV is not yet fixed?
-If the problem is in fact gone, is it really ok for me to ignore the blinking light? Is there a service code or a menu that lets me turn that light off by maybe reseting the diagnosis function of the TV?
-If the TV is not fixed and you think some part needs to be replaced, do you think that taking the part number will allow me to find it in the States? Do they use the same parts but for different Model Numbers?

Thank you again for taking the time here. Let me know if you need anymore information from me.

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