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Seiki LE-55GB2 - Random Shutdown    
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 28, 2018 10:34 am    Post subject: Seiki LE-55GB2 - Random Shutdown Reply with quote

Good day,

Recently I acquired a Seiki LE-55GB2 HD television great picture and great sound no issues with the quality whatsoever. However it has a very strange habit of shutting off video and sound at the same time at the oddest times. The power button stays illuminated and once I power it down, I can wait about 30-45 seconds and it will power back up. It may repeat this process every 10 min or so or it may work for over a day before this issue happens again. It is the oddest thing.

I popped the back off and checked to see if any connections were loose or if capacitors were bulging but nothing jumped out at me. I have also performed the factory reset in the menu functions and performed the power reset. I tried different inputs to see if the hdmi was the problem but the problem still persists on each port.

On a different site someone suggested I replace the EEPROM on the main board to correct the issue. I just wanted to get a second opinion before committing. I haven't been able to find out much info on this television, seiki has a rep and it's no surprise this one is giving me these issues but like I said the picture is amazing and so is the sound.

I found the tv on the curb so if I get a free tv with a great pic and sound for a minor repair fee DIY I am good. I am a well versed technician with computers, but I have not performed many diagnostics on televisions.

any help or suggestions would be very appreciated.

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