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Sony 35" trinitron picture black but still sound. Help    
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 12, 2009 5:15 pm    Post subject: Sony 35" trinitron picture black but still sound. Help Reply with quote

Hello, the TV i have was $600 back then its fairly old now i got it like in 1996 or something. Its still a really good TV and i would rather try to fix it then go to best buy and buy a expensive new tv. It says trinitron on the top left of the TV if that means anything and its like 35 inches or so. Basicly last year the screen would get all wavy and to fix it i smacked the top a little until it stopped and it was good for another year. 2 days ago tho the tv wouldnt completetly turn on, i flipped the switch the sound came on but the picture didnt, it didnt make that "click" noise it always does when the picture comes on. I turned it off and back on and it worked, but later on the day when i wanted to watch tv again it wouldnt come on and no matter what i did the picture wouldnt come back. I tried smacking it but all that did was make a hole in the side lol. I didnt hit it hard i dunno the plastic is just fragile after all these years i guess.

I unplugged it for a couple days and plugged it back in and it worked again picture ect, but whats wierd is if i move the tv in the slightest the picture will get all smooshed the bottom would go towards the top and it looks all smashed and then it would eventually go black. If you tap it lightly on the side by the glass sometimes you can get the picture to come back. I also noticed that wiggling the cable outlet in the back and the red/white/yellow plugs seemed to help also but eventually the picture would disapear again. I opened the back after leaving it unplugged forawhile and hitting the power button to drain the power and it was super dusty so i cleaned the cuircut board and it worked again all day but then it started acting up at nite and the next morning. Anothjer wierd thing i noticed is when you hit the volume button on the TV to increase the volume it will take the tv out of the video mode you know when you using the red/wehite/yellow plugs and back to basic fuzzy channels but it still turns the volume up. I use a TV remote for the cable box anyway but i thought id mention that.

Whats the problem with it ? I tried to wiggle all the wires but that didnt work, the fuse looks fine perfectly clear not scorched or anything and the tube still have a orange light inside when the TV is on its just faint . You dont have to warn me on taking the back off i build computers for a living so i know all about the dangers of electric shock TV isnt any diff inside its just a bunch of wires cuircut board and vacuum tube.

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 12, 2009 8:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Bad connection(s) / Bad solder joint(s). Especially at regulator ICs, Vertical output IC, higher wattage resistors, even plugin sockets (and where one board plugs into another), etc.

No Model or Chassis numbers?

If the cabinet front plastic is that brittle - be careful of the rear cover!

Go ahead - Lick the red wire - lol
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