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SONY KP-57HW40 Possible video voltage    
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2012 9:25 am    Post subject: SONY KP-57HW40 Possible video voltage Reply with quote

Good morning. I have a Sony 57" rear projection (FRAME: RA-6) that i am having problems with. I hope someone can lead me in the right direction to repair it. a couple of months ago i turned the tv on and the sound came right on but i had a black screen with very faint thin white horizontal lines. you would have to be right up on the screen to see them. after about 10-15 minutes the picture would start to come on but you would see half the picture and the other half would be (i hope i get the terminology right) pixelated color blocks. the picture would come on and off and each time the picture and the color blocks would be in a different position. after about 5 minutes of this the picture would come up and stay on. the picture itself was not as bright as it used to be and you could see tiny lines going across the picture. it was still very watchable though.

yesterday i got home from work and the picture started to randomly do the flickering with the color blocks. i turned the TV off and waited 10 minutes to turn it back on. when it turned on the sound came on but this time the video never came back on. i have a couple of pictures and a good video of what it was doing. i bought this TV in 2002. it was a floor model made in 2001. its been absolutely perfect even making the trip to Florida almost 7 yrs ago. if someone could help me with the problem i would be greatly appreciative. i would hate to get rid of it without a proper attempt to repair it. when turning the TV on the standby light would come on 4 times. after it went out the sound comes on and the video attempts to come on. sometimes its 4 lights. sometimes its 6 lights depending on the length of time the TV is off. the sound always starts between the 3rd and 4th light. when the TV is off for a longer length of time the TV is now showing visible faint red and blue thin horizontal lines. the appear for a little then it just goes to the dark screen with the thin white lines and the 3 tubes go from showing color to looking like they are not powered on.

on a side note: i found a Sony KP-46WT510 46"rear projection (FRAME: RA-6a) that was being thrown away. the person said it worked but the picture was blurry. i took it home and plugged it in and the convergence is off. im pretty sure the convergence chips need replacing along with some pico fuses. the power supply board and the board with the chips on them look 99.9% identical. the only difference that i could see between the 2 power boards was a red and white wire that is on the 57" power board. being relatively the same frame are the boards directly swappable?

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. i cant figure out how to post the pictures. please contact me and i can send them or tell me how to get them in here and i will be happy to do it.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2012 12:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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