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Sony KV32S42 steady blink in standby    
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 19, 2007 3:16 pm    Post subject: Sony KV32S42 steady blink in standby Reply with quote

This tv was given to me and I would like to try and repair. When plugged it in and urned it on I could hear a click and then it went into standby with a single steady blink. There are no breaks in the blink it is one blink per second and I counted them up to 60 blinks to insure that it did not restart. Hopefully you can help me out here. Thanks in advance

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 19, 2007 4:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

sony blink codes are here: http://www.riddledtv.com/forums/sony-kv-32fs120-dead-blinks-5-times-t329.html#1136

Found these tips:

Dead. Bad Pincushion Control Or Sides Pulled In:
Replace (Shorted) Ic601 - part#8-729-042-12
R607 (Open) 1-202-933-61
Q502 - 8-729-035-75.
Check D502 & D503 - 8-719-945-80
If Width Is Pulled In On Sides - Change Pin Control Ic501 - 8-759-700-07


Intermittent Repeat Failure Of Ic601 And R607 At Turn On. Replace T603
Also (142999221).


Dead Set. Regulator Ic601 And R607 Go Out As Soon As The Set Is Turned On. Replace Ic1701 On The Crt Board.


Dead, Fuse Blown.
Found Ic601 Regulator Blown Apart # 872904112. Vdr601 Bad, R607 (.1oh
1/2 W Fusistor) #120293361 And F601 Fuse All Bad. Also Resoldered The
Horizontal Driver Xformer.


Dead. No Power Up : Relay Clicks And Timer Light Blinks
Ic601 Transistor Mx0841-Ab-F Shorted And R607 120293361 (Sony) 0.1 Ohm, Fuse Resis. Defective

Horizontal Output Is Ok. Caused By Defective Ic1701. Check For A Short
On The 200v Line On The Crt Board. If Low Resistance Or Short , Ic1701
Is Bad. Part # 8-759-562-43 Generic # Tda6108jf/N1b
Customer Stated The Picture Went Bright White W/Retrace Lines Then Shut Down.


Power Supply: Repeat Damage To Power Supply
After Repairing Power Supply With The Usual Components, Found That The
Crt Would Arc Internally And Take Out Power Supply Again. Replaced Crt # A80jyv52x To Fix.


Repeat Failure Of Ic601 And R607 At Turn On (Intermittent)
Replace T603 Also (142999221).
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