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Sony LCD with 13 blinks    
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 20, 2009 6:19 am    Post subject: Sony LCD with 13 blinks Reply with quote

Have a Sony LCD model # KDL40V3000, FIX2 chassis in shutdown with 13 red
LED blinks.
The backlights fire off for a second or so and then the shutdown.
I have the service manual and it says balancer (inverter) board, so I
ordered and installed it, but no fix.
When I scope the transformers (hold the probe on top), they all show the
same waveform except for one. The ninth one down has the same frequency as
the rest, but the amplitude is higher. Also, when I have my scope on that
transformer it generates an audible buzz and none of the rest do that. The
new inverter board behaves the same way. I was wondering if that one lamp
is weak or bad, and not drawing the right amount of current, thus the higher
amplitude waveform and probably an error code back to the main board,
however the FB pin (which I presume is feedback) stays low (0V) the whole
Am I on the right track here, or chasing a red herring ? If anyone has
ideas or a training manual I'd surely appreciate it.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 20, 2009 6:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

This one states that one of the 24 CCFL lamps was out...he took the panel apart

and replaced it:

I came across an ad in the local classifieds for this TV. the Previous owner had purchased it new 18 months ago(Kinda sad for a $1900 tv) and one day it attempted to power up, then shut down and the power light started blinking. He took it in for service and they quoted him an outrageous price for repair stating that a back light bulb had gone out and the whole LCD panel needed to be replaced. I like to tinker with stuff and i kinda doubted a backlight bulb was really the problem so we struck up a deal and i carted my new TV home. Once home I took it apart and did some testing and sure enough, a bulb or bulbs seemed to be out in the LCD panel. I carefully disassembled the panel. and i was surprised that i was actually able to get the panel apart without damaging it and i could get to the 24 back light CCFL bulbs inside. With the panel out i powered up the set and sure enough one bulb wouldnt light up and the set just shut down. I swap bulbs around and tried again and the sa!
me bulb wouldn't light in a different socket so i was pretty sure that bulb was in fact bad. I called around and found a local repair shop with some bad panels and managed to find a bulb the same size to try. I popped the bulb in and fired up the set and the set light up and stayed on! walla! fixed
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