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SonyBravia kdl 46 hx820 6 blinks    
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 05, 2014 7:46 pm    Post subject: SonyBravia kdl 46 hx820 6 blinks Reply with quote

H this tv up as is from a lady.She said her and her child were watching tv and it just quit,no symptoms before hand. .when powered up it had no picture or backlight .Green light comes on for a second or two sometimes with sound then red light blinks 4 times.Did a bit of reading and someone suggested wire from power supply bl error to be removed and grounded to see if that may work temporarily to further diagnose problem.tried that and green light stayed on and plugged cable in and could hear sound and change channels with remote but still no picture and no backlight at all.i reattached the BL error wire and tried it again.Now get 6 blinks of red light but that's it.Any suggestion would be great of what to try next.I bought a used LED driver board to give that a try but same thing...not sure of board was any good.Got from Ali Express in China cheap.got a few pics of the chassis and boards.Did a voltage test with power on
pww dimmer o volts
DC dimmer 0
bl error 0
t con on 0
stby 3.3
au 12v 12.4
au 12v 12.4
reg 12v 12.4
reg 12v 12.4
bdr 12v 12.4
bdr 12v 12.4
t con 0
tcon 0
tcon 0

other connector to led driver board

led err .6 volts
rest are o volts


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