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Toshiba 32A40 was no vertical deflection, Now retrace lines    
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PostPosted: Sat May 07, 2011 7:41 pm    Post subject: Toshiba 32A40 was no vertical deflection, Now retrace lines Reply with quote

Hi All,

I have a ~10 yrs old Toshiba 32A40 (Chassis #: TAC 0017). It had/has all the typical symptoms of "no vertical deflection" (horizontal line, tapping on the side getting the picture back). Following the suggestions here, and elsewhere on the net, I've gone ahead and resoldered:
  • Q421: This was suggested on an article here ("Toshiba Tips") for exact same problem on this model, and also
  • Q301 (=IC TA8427K) (Toshiba Part #: B0378560): This I believe was the actual problem, as re-working only on this when the problem re-appeared after a while, took care of the problem.
However, as the problem keeps re-appearing (yes, I know I'm bad at this. This is the first ever resoldering I've tried), I've gone through the drill a 3rd time now, and I may have messed up worse (?) this time.

The "no vertical deflection" is gone again, but the picture now has what I found out to be called "retrace lines". The image I've found ... Edit: in an article on a site that seems to be banned here ... reflects the problem. Here's an imageshack copy of it:

Both that article, and this blogpost by humphreykimathi refer to "Screen (G2) Voltage adjustment".

I wanted to check with you if that's what I sould do next, or could this be caused by my inexperience in resoldering somehow; as in:
- Messing up the IC/board (with too much heat(??))
- Causing a short-circuit(?)
.. and I should try something else?

Thanks in advance for suggestions.


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