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Toshiba 62HMX95 DLP bad Contrast, Flickering    
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2012 12:19 am    Post subject: Toshiba 62HMX95 DLP bad Contrast, Flickering Reply with quote

Model 62HMX95 rear dlp
Serial #26500137
Chassis #TAC 524

Please forgive me if my description of the problems is incorrect. I believe I have 2 problems although they may be related. I was given the TV about 3 years ago. Everything worked great until about 1 year ago and has progressively gotten worse.

1. Dark images, dark backgrounds, or dark objects in the picture flicker with a blue/white flash. This can be several times a second or slower.

2. The contrast on reds, oranges, or especially flesh tones is bad. Instead if smooth gradations in color there are pixelated stripes of color. Sometimes it makes faces look like clay. Faces in dark scenes are exponentially worse. Much of the skin tone contrast issues can be resolved by turning the contrast very low to around 10-12 but then the rest of the picture suffers as well. At least it makes it somewhat tolerable to watch.

These problems occur on all inputs of HDMI, component, composite, or coax and on all sources; Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, and TiVo Premier. At first I thought it was my surround receiver as this was the only other common. I separated all inputs from the receiver and connected directly to the TV in every possible cable configuration. Nothing made a difference so I can rule out my video sources, receiver, and cables as a cause. I also don't believe the light engine is faulty as the on screen and TV Guide menus are not affected. The flickering for instance will continue in the background while the black border around the TV Guide menu will stay solidly black. I am comfortable opening the TV and working on it. I do have a multimeter and can read schematics. I have some background in electronics though I'm no TV repairman. I can take directions however. I have taken the back off and vacuumed and blown out everything possible. I was previously advised to replace the signal board, part #23148443. This worked for about 5 minutes then the problem returned. This leads me to think it's a connection problem. Possibly a bad internal cable or some other interference, bad ground, etc.

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciatiated.


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