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Toshiba TN61x81-- With sound no picture Intermitent.    
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2009 8:27 pm    Post subject: Toshiba TN61x81-- With sound no picture Intermitent. Reply with quote

I have Toshiba Tn61x81, It will run for 1-2 hours then the picture will dis appear and has the channel sound. I took the deflection board out and re solder the HOT(Q416), Def. out (Q404)Flyback T. and the HV block but with the same results. Sometimes when we Turn it on ... only sound no picture. I found that when this happen the filament on the CRT s were not lit(Off). I would Un plug then lift the Deflection board a bit laid it back plug in turn on and it would turn on like no problem(with picture and sound). So as to say its intermitent. I am thinking re solder all the components of the horizontal def. but not sure may be the set have bad components. May I have your repair Suggestions....

Thank you much... Confused Also.. does anybody has the complete service manual for this TV(the best i got is partial).

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