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Toshiba TW-40x81 CRT coolant replacement question    
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 14, 2012 12:57 pm    Post subject: Toshiba TW-40x81 CRT coolant replacement question Reply with quote

I picked up this projection set curb-side. Picture good after using convergence menu, but in cleaning mirror and CRT lenses noticed minor particles (no haze) in all three CRTs. The green CRT actually has a beetle embalmed inside Shocked so I figure it's worth changing the coolant...right?

It appears the fluid itself is colored, so I believe I need to strain and save it, adding a little Techspray coolant to replace that lost in the filtering. I saw this process in a YouTube video. But this would be different from the Magnavox example posted on Riddled TV where ALL the fluid was replaced. Am I correct about this so far, or is it the CRT lens glass which is colored?

Also, the Riddled TV procedure includes replacing the seal on the CRT. Can I even get that part, and if so, how can I identify the part number?

Thanks, and if I do wind up changing the coolant I promise to post a picture of the candied critter!

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