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Vizio P50-C1 boot loop    
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 27, 2021 3:54 pm    Post subject: Vizio P50-C1 boot loop Reply with quote

Hello, I have a 'defect' P50-C1 TV and am trying to revive it.
The behavior is strange: when I turn it on, the logo displays and once done booting, the screen goes dark (not completely black, though). After a while (app. 30-60 sec, not consistent) it reboots.
Here is what is interesting - after playing with the physical buttons, I enabled the store demo mode, so now after the logo disappears I get a message saying that the demo mode will be activated unless I hit the physical Input button or press it on the remote, along with a 60 sec countdown. When I hit Input, the screen goes dark and sometimes it reboots after a bit, but sometimes the message comes back, but the countdown is at 15 sec. Every once in a while it freezes during that countdown and reboots, but when it finishes, sometimes I can hit Menu a couple times and the menu will actually appear.
Getting into the menu, I have been able to:
*Perform a factory reset - no success
*Eventually perform a full system update (see screenshot) - also no success/change
*Change other settings (e.g. turn CEC off, disable audio, turn timers off, enable quick start, etc) - nothing helped, though.

After a while the TV will reboot again; I was actually surprised I was able to pull off the update!

During the system update I was able to verify that the whole display works fine and at some point actually sounds started playing and the Neflix logo displayed for a couple seconds. Then the screen went to this:

There is no visual damage to any of the capacitors.

When googling this I found that a ton of people are having issues with Vizio TVs rebooting, but haven't found anything close to this and also no good fixes. Somebody said that they got new main and power supply boards and it didn't help them.

Any idea what I could try? Thanks in advance!

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