How to Replace CRT coolant
in Rear Projection TVs

How to diagnose bad CRT Coolant:

Note: This problem will only affect the GREEN and BLUE picture tubes. The RED CRT is never affected, because the wavelength of the red light does not promote this algae growth

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General Symptoms: Washed out, blurry picture, red portions mostly OK, GREEN images have halos, BLUE portions of images may have halos or be missing entirely.

1. Switch to a known good signal (go to a video input and use your DVD if you have a snowy condition from your antenna.)

2. Turn the color level control all of the way down and remove the screen and/or the cabinet that contains the mirror. (different for different models) Do not turn the set off or the color level control will reset to preset levels.

3. Look directly into the picture tube lens while the set is on.

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3a. First look at the RED CRT. Observe the scan lines in the picture. These same lines should also be present in the green and blue picture tubes.

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3b. After looking at the RED CRT for comparison, look into the GREEN or BLUE CRTs.  If it is contaminated, it will look like there is a layer of film that you have to look thru to see the picture. There may also be swirls and other various contaminates forming.  If it is not as clear and sharp as the RED CRT, it is contaminated, and you should change the coolant fluid.

After diagnosing, reassemble everything so that you can again see the picture.

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