How to Replace CRT coolant
in Rear Projection TVs

How to replace bad CRT Coolant:

Replace the coolant in one CRT at a time from start to finish. Start with the Blue CRT, and then repeat for the Green CRT. Leave the Red CRT as it is. This will provide two benefits. It will significantly reduce the time needed to adjust the convergence (in the last step), and you can use the wiring connectors on the Red CRT as a reference to avoid mistakes. If you still wish to replace the coolant in the red CRT, you can repeat this procedure after the Blue and Green CRTs have been adjusted.

Note: The model shown in this demonstration is a Philips 55pp9363h/17

What you'll need:

  • CRT Coolant: I would recommend one of THESE for each CRT you plan to do.
  • 1/4 nut driver
  • side cutters (or something similar)
  • something to suck out the old Coolant (pipette, turkey baster, brake bleeder kit)
  • 5/32 socket and rachet
  • 2-Liter Coke bottle to put old coolant in.

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    1. Go to the convergence menu and verify that all three colors overlap (converge) on the center cross.  This is important or you will have a difficult time converging the set after repair.

    Note: sometimes the Blue CRT is so bad, you can't see the crosshairs

    2. Turn the set off and Remove the AC Plug from the wall.

    3. Remove the front screen to access the CRTs

    Note: On this particular Model, the front bezel pops off, and the screens can be removed. Keep all 3 screens together and be careful not to bend, scratch, or rub them together.

    Store the screens in a safe place.

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    4. Remove the CRT circuit board from the bottom of the CRT neck (Sometimes there is one screw to loosen, and/or sometimes it is just silicon glued on) Pull it straight off. Do not twist it, or you will break the CRT pins.


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    5. Remove the large red wire from the High Voltage Transformer.
    (Do not attempt to remove the wire from the CRT directly.) Use a large side cutter at the illustrated point to lift the collar.
    Do not cut the wire.
    Rock the cutters from side to side and the fastener will lift up. There will probably be a mark from the factory at the appropriate point on the wire where the top of the collar is.

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    6. There are two bundles of wires attached to the CRT. Remove them from the main circuit board. You'll leave the these wire bundles dangling from the CRT while you work on it. As you remove them, note the orientation of the connector, so you can re-connect them later.

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    7. Do not ever loosen these 4 large bolts with the springs around them.

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