How to Discharge a CRT
(without killing yourself)

Turn the set off and Remove the AC Plug from the wall.
Homemade CRT Discharge Tool
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First I made a cable from an old vacuum cord
  • I stripped the wire on both ends
  • attached it to an alligator clip on one end
  • wrapped the bare wire around the screwdriver on the other end

Voila, a home-made CRT discharging tool!
(note the handle of the screwdriver is plastic, insulating you from the high voltage)
clip to ground
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I clip the alligator clip to a part of the circuit board that is grounded

Places that are often (but not always) grounded include:
  • TV tuners
  • Large heatsinks (big pieces of metal)

If you aren't sure which locations are grounded, you might repeat this procedure with the tuner and then several of the heatsinks, just to be sure.
CRT Discharge
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Discharge the CRT

Notice: my hand is not touching any metal
  • Push the tip of the screwdrive up under the rubber
  • Push toward the center of the rubber thingy

If your CRT is "charged" you will hear a SNAP

Not all CRTs are "charged".
If your's does not "snap", and you are certain you shorted it to ground, it probably was already discharged and should be safe to work on.  

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You don't need to remove this
(I just did it for detail)

This part looks like a rubber suction cup, with metal clips in the middle.  
The metal clips are what you want to touch with the tip of the screwdriver
Discharging CRT
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Repeat as needed

If your CRT "snapped" when you connected it to ground,
Wait 10-30 seconds and repeat until it no longer "snaps"

Discharge CRT
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Another view showing the discharge tool clipped to the tuner

Discharge CRT
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Revision: Since publishing this article, I've had several technicians comment in the forums that the correct location to place the clip is on the aquadag, or the strap attached to it. The aquadag is the black stuff on the bell of the CRT. So upon their recommendation, I would attach the clip to the spring shown in the left photo. This will prevent discharging your CRT into any fragile components such as EEPROMs or microcontrollers. Thanks to those of you that sent me this tip.


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