How to Repair a Broken, Filthy TV
27" RCA  27GT623 - CTC177AF3

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I literally picked this TV out of the trash
on the curb on my way home from work.
It's what I like to refer to as "Large Item Pickup"
I opened up the TV and found this nasty mess.  YUCK!!!

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I tried to use the shop-vac to vacuum up all the filth,
but I think the TV had been rained on, and the vacuum was useless.  

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The garden hose worked much better
The filth washed right off.  
(I made sure to discharge the CRT first)

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Then I pointed the box fan at it, and let it dry out for 2 days.  

Picture 1
Picture 2

After the TV had dried out, I pressed my luck and plugged it in
It turned on, but the screen looked pretty bad
It almost looked like it had a bad CRT, (but the CRT tested fine)  

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After closer inspection, I discovered the capacitor C4703 was bulging.
I confirmed a high ESR (resistance) using my ESR Meter
C4703 = 47uF, 250V

(This is the filter capacitor for the 200V supply)

It also had a bad thermistor (p/n 207768)
I have found this to be extremely common on any RCA/GE TV
The metal disc seperates from the two leads and rolls around
the circuit board like a dime.  

(This part regulates the Degaussing current when the TV turns on )

Voila, a working TV!

Rescued from the Garbage

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