How to Repair a Sanyo AVM-2758G  TV
With a Bad Tuner

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First, get a desoldering Iron tool, like the one shown here
I call it a "solder sucker"
(approx $11 at radio shack)
It heats up like a soldering iron, and you press your thumb on the red bulb.
press the tip down on a solder joint and release your thumb

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Circuit Board with the tuner clearly labeled.

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The solder sucker removing the tuner
(Don't forget to remove the 4 ground connections at the corners)

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The tuner (part # 1AV4F1BAM0190) removed from the board
I ordered a rebuilt tuner from tiptoptuner.com
They sell every kind of tuner for $27 (and you send them your bad tuner)

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Solder the new tuner in using any pencil type soldering iron with a fine tip.

Re-install the circuit board, and test it.  
Then screw everything back together in reverse order of how it was removed.

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As luck would have it, the tuner on this TV was not actually bad.  The faulty component was a resistor (R106) that was out of tolerance.  I found this info on this website.  R106 is a (27k 1/4 Watt) resistor near the voltage regulator. This Resistor directly feeds the tuner's 33V supply.  I jumped the gun on buying a new tuner.  (Always check that the tuner is getting power)
I assumed the tuner was bad on this TV because the "Line Inputs" were working, but anything using the tuner looked like it was scrambled.   Here is what I should have done:
1. Check the Line Inputs to see if the picture is still scrambled (I checked)
2. Test the voltage to the tuner if it has power (didn't check)
3. Test the "data"  pin on the tuner while pushing the Chan + button (it should pulse)
4. If 1 through 3 check OK, then swap out the tuner. 
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