How to Repair a Toshiba 51H84
With an All Green Display (No Red or Blue)

TV, needs Repair
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I received this TV with word that the Green CRT was bad.
Specifically, the image was all green when on.
He said that it used to change back to "normal" when he left it on for 5 minutes,
but that it would no longer do that.  
Toshiba CRT necks
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I opened the front of the TV to check the CRTs with the power on.  When I suspect a faulty CRT, I like to tap on them with a wooden stick.
I noticed when I tapped the circuit board on the green CRT that the image would flicker between all green, normal and blank.
When a circuit board behaves in this manner, it typically indicates a weak solder joint or a crack on the metal circuit traces.
Toshiba CRT Green Circuit Board
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 I resoldered every single solder point on this circuit board, and it had no effect to the intermittent color/green/blank reaction when I tapped on the circuit board.  

So I started checking the circuit traces.  I used a bright light and finally found two broken traces on this board, and I jumpered a wire across them.  
See the image on the left for the jumper locations.  
Toshiba 51H84
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Viola, an excellent stable picture
Toshiba 51H84
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A working Toshiba 51H84
This picture was just taken with the antenna using the normal tuner
(I wish I had taken a picture with the HD signal)

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