How to Repair a TV with no Vertical Deflection

TV Horizontal Line
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This is what a TV with no Vertical looks like
It seems contradictory, but the lack of vertical deflection
creates a horizontal line on the screen
This occurs when heat builds up on the Vertical IC and causes
the metal to expand and contract. The pins on the chip break away
from the solder joint causing a high impedence (open circuit) connection

This chip consumes quite a bit of power, meaning it gets
vertical chip
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This is what the Vertical IC looks like.
Note how large the heatsink is. The chip itself can take the high temps
but the expansion and contraction of the metal wreaks havoc
on the circuit board's solder connections.
bottom of circuit board
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This is the bottom of the board. To fix this problem
you need to use a pencil tip soldering iron and reheat
each solder joint. I'd also recommend adding some additional
solder to the joints. The area circled in RED is all that needs to be resoldered
Bottom of PCB
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Another angle, showing the area to be resoldered.
That's it. No replacement parts, just resolder it.
Reassemble and plug it back in.

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