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Size Model Chassis Symptom Problem Description Fix
20F20TF20TX01 AA1 ATC113-AA1 Power Supply Power light on all the time solder bridged at JP352 and JP363, removed solder
20F20TF20TX01 AA1 ATC113-AA1 Power Supply Squeeling CP11 installed wrong value from factory, replace with .0168 1.6kV
2525GT503 CTC177AA3 tuner tuner doesn't work resolder tuner grounds
25F25250BC CTC177AF3 Power completley dead CR4704 (#207878), C4105 (10uF/200V)
25F25432TX1 AD CTC203AD Video No video, no audio, has deflection and OSD. U12101
25F25432TX1 AD CTC203AD Video No video, has audio, CF12301 shorted CF12301
25F25432TX1 AD CTC203AD Video Dim video,cathode voltages high Remove solder splash on trace to U12101
2727F501TDV VideoRetrace lines at the top, sometimes has foldoverC427 (100uF/35V)
2727GT613 CTC177BH2 Power completely dead eeprom (#224281), reinitialize with chipper checker
2727GT623 CTC177AF3 Bad Picture Picture Washed Out C4703 (47uF/250V)
27F25649TX51 AA5 CTC203AA5 OSD No horizontal pulse going to pin 7 of J13103 Jumper open trace going from q13302 to pin 7 J13103
27F27242GY CTC185 Power completely dead power supply kit and cr4704
27F27318TX41 AA4 CTC203AA4 Video No picture, intermittent, CRT socket not making good connections Replace CRT socket
27F27442TX1 AD CTC203AD Horizontal Repeat failure of the horizontal output xfmr Resolder Cold solder connection at Y14101
27F27442TX1 AD CTC203AD Power Supply Pulses intermittently, Q14115 dips from 5V to 4.5V leaky CR14115
27F27443TX01 BA1 ATC113-BA1 Vertical No vertical Sweep Resistor pack RF11 replaced
27F27615 CTC203AX Power Dead Q14101, Q14103, Q14102, check surrounding res/caps
27F27628TX41 AA4 CTC203AA4 System Control No Startup Remove, clean and reseat terminals on J13104
27F27648TX41 AA4 CTC203AA4 Audio Unit had good music or stereo but the voice was low. C11618
27F27648TX41 AA4 CTC203AA4 Horizontal Bad Picture, the cathodes on the CRT were running between 180-190 vdc, Remove solder splatter between JW14117 (in the hvr return circuit) and L14401
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