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Size Model Chassis Symptom Problem Description Fix
  CTC169VerticalVertical collapsed to 1 inch high in middle of screenC4305 (2200uF/35V), C4521 (33uF/35V), R512 (120ohm, SM)
  CTC169 Power 15V source down to 8.9V Replace leaky C4145
  CTC169 Power Dead CR4710
  CTC169 Power Replaced U1301, set came on, then shut off R3303
  CTC169 Power Runs 2 hrs, then shuts off, unplug, repeat T4401
  CTC169 Power Dead C4108
  CTC169 IF Herringbone interference Resolder CF2301 pin 3
  CTC169 Remote No remote function Resoldered ring cracks on the PCB
  CTC169 Vertical Vert bad, about 1 high, straight on top, curved on bottom C451 (#249547), R523 (1kohm/1W)
  CTC169 Vertical Vert short with elliptical shape Q4506
  CTC169 Vertical short at bottom, long on top C4519 (.33uF)
  CTC169 Video No picture R2947
  CTC169 Video Negative Picture U1401
  CTC169 Video No Horizontal or Vertical Sync CR3103
  CTC169 Video No Video Q8003 on DPIP
  CTC169 Video Vertical Sweep reduced after warmup CR2701
  CTC169 Video Picture slowly turns Black C2706
  CTC169 Video PiP out of sync Q8501
  CTC169Video Picture Narrower at the bottom of the screen by 3/4 inch Remove R4822, Change R4824 to 300k Ohm
  CTC169 Width Pic too wide, sides are straight, not curved C4403 (.48uF) in yoke return circuit bad
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: Don't kill yourself.  If you do, don't blame us...  We totally warned you.  These tips are intended for qualified service technicians that know what they're doing.  Unqualified persons should never service their own equipment.  Televisions contain very high voltage that could kill you.