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Size Model Chassis Symptom Problem Description Fix
13CT13R10R PowerDeadD554, R810 (5.6ohm/5W), Q551 (HOT), IC801 (STR30130)
13CT13R14U Videointermittent pic shift to right and color goes offIC101, C577
13CT13R14U Videohorizontal sync problemC503, C504, C505
19CTM1953R PowerDeadR805 (10Kohm, 0.5W), R810 (5.6ohm, 3W), HOT (D1439), STR30130
24AEDP246 VideoNo VideoIC451 (LA7836), R810 (1ohm/.5W), D812
25CTM-2571SAEDP178VideoLines, no raster or soundRegulator IC STR3230, R805 (10kohm/.5W), also check R810
25CTM-2580SAMEDP178Videono raster, no sound, linesRegulator IC (STR3230), R805 (10kohm/.5W), R810
27CT-27G23W  Vertical Horizontal Line accross Middle of Screen Resoldered Vertical IC and nearby capacitors and Surface mount Resistors
27CT27D10B  Power Completely Dead D823 (R130A) in power supply (near T801 pin 12)
27CT27D10B  PowerDeadIC803 (STR58041), D825, (#TVSSR2KLV1)
27CT27D10B  PowerDeadResolder T551
27CT27D10B  PowerDead, no relay clickIC803 (STR58041A), Q551 (2SD2539), R581 (1.5ohm/7W)
27CT27G20T VideoNo pictureIC451 (LA7836), R810 (1ohm/.5W)
27CT27S18S VerticalNo vertical, black screenIC451 (LA7836), R810 (1ohm,half watt), D812 (ECG552), C451 (220uF,16V), and C455
27CT27S2S VideoNo Vertical DeflectionIC451 (LA7836), R810 (1ohm/0.5W)
27CT27SC14 Powerfirst there were lines in picture, then unit shut down, then deadResolder R411 (surface mount)
27CT27SL13G PowerDead, HOT shortedHOT (2SD2539 instead of 2SC5902)
27CT27SX58 PowerDeadFET transistor, 1.5ohm/7W surge limiter
27CTK2770S Videovertical collapsed after several secondsL351 (#ELEPH151KA, on CRT bd)
27CTM2770S PowerDeadQ551 (HOT, 2SD2057), IC801 (Reg, STR3230), R810 (4.7ohm/5W), R805 (10kohm/0.5W)
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: Don't kill yourself.  If you do, don't blame us...  We totally warned you.  These tips are intended for qualified service technicians that know what they're doing.  Unqualified persons should never service their own equipment.  Televisions contain very high voltage that could kill you.