TV Repair Tips



Size Model Chassis Symptom Problem Description Fix
27F27242GY CTC185 Power completely dead power supply kit and cr4704
  CTC185PowerDead, relay click-click-click (ticks 3 times)CR4117 (242171)
  CTC185PowerDead, clicks 3 timesQ4116 (#242204), CR4117 (#207878)
  CTC185PowerDeadCR4117, Q4116 (#226431)
  CTC185 Power Blows Fuse instantly CR4103 (#233082), CR4105 (#243636), L4102 (#231464)
  CTC185 Tuner No Reception U7301 (#231528), CR4116 (9.1V Zener)
  CTC185AA Power Dead CR4110 (27V Zener)
  CTC187 Width Narrow on both sides, height and width vary with scenes C4407, CR4403
  CTC187Videono horizontal sweep, vertical line onlyC4403 (0.55uF/250V, #214753), R4401 (15kohm/1W)
  CTC187VideoVertical tearingC4504 (.22uF/100V)
  CTC188 Power C4406 Blown Q4801, U4801, C4406, C4407
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: Don't kill yourself.  If you do, don't blame us...  We totally warned you.  These tips are intended for qualified service technicians that know what they're doing.  Unqualified persons should never service their own equipment.  Televisions contain very high voltage that could kill you.