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Size Model Chassis Symptom Problem Description Fix
36KV-36HS510DA-4VideoWhite line rolling through picC2223 (1uF/6.3V)
36KV-36XBR250 VideoPIP not workingL3305 (#1-408-619-31)
36KV-36XBR400ANU-1PowerPowers up for a few seconds, then shuts off SMPS controller in Power supply (MCZ3001D, use Hitachi CP98451U)
36KV36FS120 PowerDead, 9 blink codeD647 (#10ERB20,NTE558)
40KDL-40V3000 VideoScreen lights for a few seconds and then shuts down with 13 blink codeInverter board, CcFl tube in panel
40KDL40S2010WAX2Powershuts down with 4 blinksInverter board (#1-789-500-32)
40KDL40V2500 PowerNo video or sound, power light blinks slowlyQ6100, Q6101, R6102, IC6100, C6101, C6105
40KV-40XBR800DA-4Powersometimes set won't turn on, 6 blink codeMCZ3001D ICís on powersupply HV module (MCZ3001DB or CP08451U)
40KV40XBR800 AudioAudio pops intermittentlyReplaced B-board
41KPR-41DS2KP-RTunerchannel tuning intermittentResolder T202 (coil on signal tuner module)
41KPR-41EXR95 VideoConvergence can't alignIC1704, IC1705 (STK4278L), R1906, R1923 (1ohm/1W)
42KDF-42E2000 Videodiscolored burn-in on top and bottomReplace polarizers
42KF42WE610 PowerLamp enclosure gets too hotclean out fan
43KP-43T70 RA-3PowerDeadC608 (10uF/400V), R607 (4.7ohm), D602 (#8-719-068-00)
43KP-43T70 RA-3Power Dead Replace HOT, Q502, L503 and fuse
43KP-43T70 RA-3Power Dead, replacing blown HOT results in repeat failure Replace HOT and Flyback transformer simultaneously
43KP-43T90RA-3BVideoNo video, but had OSD, bad convergenceC666 (220uF/10V)
46KDF-46E2000LCDvideoPink bar across top of pictureReplace optical block
46KDL46NX700 PowerDead, relay clicks, 2 blinksR6536 (.47ohm,.5W), Q6101 (2SK3563), Q6102 (2SK3563)
46KDL46XBR2 PowerNo audio, no video or backlightCheck B+ to the T-Con, if not replace BE2 module
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: Don't kill yourself.  If you do, don't blame us...  We totally warned you.  These tips are intended for qualified service technicians that know what they're doing.  Unqualified persons should never service their own equipment.  Televisions contain very high voltage that could kill you.