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Size Model Chassis Symptom Problem Description Fix
27MW27FN1comboVideoVertical not full height, DVD not workingC402 (1uF/250v) resolder IC401, R413, R444, R447, R424
27MW27FN1comboVideoVertical foldover at top and bottom of screenC402 (1uF/250V), C421 (4.7uF), C427 (100uF/35V), IC410 (LA78041)
3232A40 VideoIntermittently vertical collapseResolder Q421
3232A42A PowerOverheats and shuts downD466 (#23357248)
3232AF45 Powershuts down after 5 secondsC403 (22uF/50V), C410 (1uF/250V), C539 (4.7uF/50V), and C524 (47uF/25V)
3232AF45 Powershuts off randomlyC410 (1uF/250V)
3232HFX72 Powerrepeat failure of HOTHOT, C416 (33uF/100V)
3232HLX95 PowerDead, relay clicksreplace all 3 regulators in power supply
32CF3254J AudioBad or no sound, may be intermittentDA65 (7.5V zener, #A7116705)
32CF3264K Powerintermittent shut downQ845 (regulator, #A6907752), Q841 (Opto, #A8643135), 5.1V zener.
32CF3264K PowerDeadLine capacitor, QA45
32CF32C50 PowerShuts Down after a few minutesR876 (0.56ohm)
32CF32C50 Powerintermittent shutdownC445 (4.7uF/160V NP)
32CF32C50 Powershuts downR876 (0.56ohm)
32CZ32T31 Videoset has no pic or rasterVertical not working because of broken trace about 2 inches from F301
32CZ32V51 Powerno video or audio, set has high voltageresolder Q830, Q421
3434HD82 VideoPicture is tearingReplace all capacitors on MVPU15
3434HD82 Videopicture jagged, and sometimes more than one picture side by sidereplace caps on MVPU15
3636A41 Powershuts downQ472 (2SC1740, in xray protect)
3636A43 Powershuts down, may be intermittentR216 (22kohm/.05W surface mount)
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: Don't kill yourself.  If you do, don't blame us...  We totally warned you.  These tips are intended for qualified service technicians that know what they're doing.  Unqualified persons should never service their own equipment.  Televisions contain very high voltage that could kill you.