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Baby Pacman Playfield LED Matrix Kit
$79 USD Assembled upon order, Estimated shipment in 3wks
- Replace the center 5 x 7 "Pacman" Grid in the center of the playfield
- Replace your unreliable lamp sockets with this elegant solution
- Designed to look identical to incandescent bulbs but it uses far less power
- 5yr warranty on burnt out bulbs on the center LED matrix
- No ghosting or flickering LED problems
- NOTE: This does require unsoldering and removing old sockets, and building a connector (not included)
- NOTE: The existing Bare Bus Wire will need to be removed from this area of the of the playfield
- OPTIONAL: Replace the other undermounted playfield bulbs with 21 Single LEDs
- Single LED bulbs require unsoldering of old socket, and soldering in new Single LEDs
- Picture of Bottom of LED Matrix
- Picture of LED Matrix installed
- Video of Lamp Test
- Video of Game Play